Mesut Kurtis

Macedonian-Turkish vocal extraordinaire, Mesut Kurtis, is one of the biggest stars of nasheed and Islamic music. He sings in Turkish, Arabic, English, Bosnian and Albanian.

Mesut released his first album – Salawat –in 2004. He became extremely popular across the Islamic world with his rendition of ‘Burdah’, the thirteenth-century ode of praise for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In 2009, Mesut released his second album – Beloved followed by his third album – Tabassam (smile) in Ramadan 2014 and then his fourth album Balaghul Ula being released in 2019.

Mesut is no stranger to Australia as he first performed at our first Sounds of Light Charity concert back in 2007, whilst most recently helping Human Appeal celebrate its 30th anniversary at a private.