About Divine Legacy

After a hugely successful introduction back in 2019, Human Appeal Australia is proud to announce the launch of the second Divine Legacy Conference Tour
A landmark event that will be held in five cities across Australia:
• Brisbane – Friday 11TH November 2022
• Melbourne – Saturday 12TH November 2022
• Sydney – Sunday 13TH November 2022
• Adelaide – Saturday 19TH November 2022
• Perth – Sunday 20TH November 2022

The event features renowned inspirational speakers like Sheikh Mufti Menk along with prominent Quran reciters that will enthrall audiences with their exquisite recitation to highlight important Quranic perceptions and highlight essential concepts for a better life here and in the Hereafter.

Divine Legacy is a unique occasion established to promote diversity, create an environment of unity through helping those in need, and provide
a better understanding of the Holy Scriptures especially among younger generations of Australian Muslims.

The conference is a biennial project that will mostly focus on the Holy Quran; the Muslims’ miraculous book that continues to inspire hearts and minds across the globe since 1440 years ago.

This year’s conference will highlight the topic:
Women in Quran, with carefully selected issues that will concern the daily lives of women and their families in the modern world. The event will
include a fundraising segment designed to help alleviate the hardship of many disadvantaged women and children and their communities across
the world.

Human Appeal Australia has been working tirelessly for the last 31 years. With over 36,000 local leads, hundreds of thousands of followers
on social media and a well-established marketing network, Human Appeal Australia would like to offer you the opportunity to raise your brand
awareness and market your business and projects to a wider range of potential clients.

The anticipated sponsorship will not only help your business but will also spread the knowledge and understanding of the Holy Quran and will
support projects targeting disadvantaged people worldwide.
This sponsorship booklet details the event and outlines sponsorship packages and sponsors’ entitlements.

Should you request further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are here to support you with your endeavors; we can tailor a special package for you in line with your needs.
As a valued supporter, we hope that you will join our quest to empower communities, educate generations, while helping those in need around
the world.