Parvez Juwel

An experienced Nasheed Composer & Director Professional leveraging experience in audio-visual industry. Parvez Juwel will perform with Iqbal HJ as a vocalist. They worked almost 15 years together since 2007.  It took Parvez Juwel 3 years to produce and arrange Iqbal HJ’s first international album ‘Make Me Your Friend.’ The daring and challenging task for both was to bridge the gap between east and west and provide an element of songs which can be catered for the large numbers of listeners. Iqbal HJ’s first album titled ‘Make Me Your Friend.’ The debut album by Iqbal HJ and Music by Nasheed composer Parvez Juwel. It was released in November 2016 which consisted of 10 songs. There were 2 versions of each song within the album, vocal only and instrument accompanied.

Following the huge success from first album ‘Make Me Your Friend.’ Parvez and Iqbal HJ started working together on the second project “Show ME The Way” Iqbal HJ had amassed a massive following on social media and his second album had reached over 20 million+ YouTube views.

Iqbal HJ’s debut album ‘Make Me Your Friend’ & “Show ME The Way” came to be one of the highest selling albums on iTunes and Amazon Music in the World Music Genre amongst Bangladeshi Artists. Now both Parvez and Iqbal are working the next vocal only album “Islam”.